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Sunday, August 29, 2010

nox twilight red velvet & crush

two more twilight polishes for you kiddies :D getting sick of them yet? well you shouldn't be, i've only done three of them haha.

red velvet is probably my favorite red polish in a long time. it's smooth, jelly, and perfectly formulated. i absolutely did not want to take this baby off! and the first twilight polish name that i didn't hate, although it's still not totally twilight-ish. i had to rename it--i just had to!! so meet rosalie, perfect huh? this is two coats, with slight visible nail line. i have a feeling you'd get a bit with three even, but hey it's a jelly!
lamp light
crush, if you ask me, has no place in this collection. it's bright, loud, and a neon. not at all what i think of when i think of twilight. but oh well, wah wah wah. i didn't even want to rename this one, because i can't think of anything twilight related to name it. except maybe jessica, but that doesn't fit with the there ya go. jessica it is! haha ;) (no offense to any of my friends named jessica heehee)
the polish applied very nice, although not as well as the others in this collection. two coats, dried semi-matte as all neons tend to. a pretty standard neon pink but i like it well enough! non-streaky which is a big plus!
lamp light
would you wear either of these colors? are you feeling any of the twilight polishes? are you ask excited as i am to see the new twilight movie? or are you anti-twilight? i think i've told you before that i'm more of a twilight book person, but i appreciate the movies for what they are. although i think they have some of the worst acting i've ever seen ;) have a great one all!


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