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Friday, August 27, 2010

borghese almondine

today i wish i was showing you some more models own polishes, but alas i have not had time.  i had a mad swatching session yesterday after work and before class trying to get as many of the new color club "untamed luxury" polishes done as i could, but the stress and fumes of a crappy drugstore remover got to me so i ended up in bed way early with a terrible headache.  so i didn't get to edit any of my models own swatches for you or my twilight ones.  buuuut, luckily i had these ones stashed away already prepared for such an occasion!

borghese almondine is an awesome color.  at first glance, you might be like "whuuu?  it's a boring nude!"  but honestly, it's not.  it has a band-aid but better color base yes, but it has a hidden PINK flash!  and it has tiny tiny flecks (i wouldn't call them glitter exactly) of black throughout the base color.  i wish i had gotten a sun photo to show the pink flash better, but you can still slightly see it in the flash photos.  i seriously love this polish, it's kind of a more than meets the eye kind of thing.  so don't always judge a book by it's cover haha ;)  i love these bottles, although the cap design isn't my favorite, the bottle is very chic and elegant looking to me.  i also really enjoy the two-headed brush.
lamp light
do you have any borghese polishes? i have a bunch more to show you very soon so if you aren't familiar with the brand, you will get to see more of it :)  have a great Friday!

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