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Saturday, August 7, 2010

blue & gold ruffian

i wish i was better at nail art. i just don't have the patience. i'm pretty perfectionist, so if it looks the slightest big off, i take it all off and start again, and then end up getting frustrated. so this was a big deal for me haha. a "ruffian" manicure design is a crescent moon "tip" shape of polish of a different color at the bottom of the nail.  it was created by the ladies at CND (creative nail design) for the NYFW Ruffian Fashion.

"For nails, we created medium length, tailored shapes in matte midnight blue with a crescent gold chrome moon nestled into the cuticle area, extending gracefully up the sides. The vision for this nail came from the sky – which appeared a golden crescent moon only the day after our meeting. I think it was a divine message!!" - CND

i decided to try this seemingly simple design out because it's really sexy haha and at the time, i had just gotten a new blue polish from the UK (via Lipglossiping, thanks girl!) and was wearing a gold mani so i figured, why not! it was a bit harder than i first anticipated but i was pleased with the result. i used George Indigo Dazzle (blue) and Orly Luxe (gold).
lamp light
do you like this modern take on two-toned nails? i personally think it looks very hip and dirty hawt. i thought about mattifying the blue, as they did for the CND looks, but loved the shimmer so much in indigo dazzle i left both colors shiny.

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