Monday, August 16, 2010

rainbow tips

i got inspired by looking at Sophy Robson's blog and decided to do one of her nail looks, taught by her expert video tutorial :) these cutsie rainbow tips are accomplished by using a lighter, more pastel color underneath and having a brighter, more bold color overlap the tip. Sophy made hers more round and did a curved look overall, but i made mine triangle and the same angle on every nail, just for more ease and semetry. whatddaya think?  OH YEAH, please excuse my horrible stained free edges, i know they're pretty disgusting but i couldn't resist showing off this successful look!  i was quite proud of myself haha.
pinky: essie st. lucia lilac under china glaze grape pop, ring finger: sephora by opi havana dreams under color club chelsea girl, middle: china glaze re-fresh mint under china glaze four leaf clover, index: nubar lemon sorbet under color club almost famous, thumb: l.a. girl matte orange under opi mini red my fortune cookie.
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