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Monday, August 2, 2010

zoya kelly

if you are familiar with the brand zoya, you know that their polishes are named female names, so naturally it is supposed that you should own the polish that bears your own moniker.  imagine how distraught i was when i found out that they had not yet put out a polish named after me!  "kelly" is such a pretty name (if i do say so my self, no matter how it is spelled, and i am so glad that they finally came out with a polish named that.

kelly came out in the wicked and wonderful collections, on the wonderful side, for this fall.  it's a gorgeous gray blue smokey color that i'm told is it's own color altogether, dubbed "paynes grey".  it's named after William Payne, who painted watercolors in the late 18th century.  i found kelly ubercreamy and super sexy, kinda like myself...j/k :)  this might just be my new favorite polish EVER!  great one zoya!

lamp light
please don't mind the weird staining around my cuticles, that is courtesy of a green polish i was wearing previously. and the cut on my cuticle makes me a sad panda. and the nasty bubbles? i didn't notice them until i was done with my mani. i re-polished those fingers the next day but forgot to take pics. so basically this is a fail post. and on my favorite polish? wtf is wrong with me? oh well. i must not care THAT much huh.  forgive me.
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