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Thursday, August 26, 2010

models own slate green

hi-low :D i would like to share with you a love story. this story involves a dreamy, somewhat whimsical young girl and a dashing, handsome stranger. he whooshed into town with a shock and surprise and swept her off her feet! he was so smooth and velvety and absolutely melted her heart.

wonder what in the hells i'm talkin' about? why it's models own slate green nail polish of COURSE! not too long ago, i was able to purchase some (6) models own nail polishes from my darling friend Emily from SquaredNails. i had never tried this brand before and had heard mixed reviews, but i was on a binge-kick so i had to snatch them up!  plus, they're from europe and i'm a sucker for anything that's from across the pond ;)  slate green was amongst the few lucky bottles i nabbed and i decided i had to try him out first. and let me tell you----GUUUURRRRLLLL i fell head over heels!
lamp light
this polish glides on effortlessly, and is just perfect in two coats. i wasn't even tempted to try a third, which is basically unheard of on a full mani with a creme for me.  i've heard this is almost a dupe for misa's dirty sexy money, which i've been lemming for a while.  oh well, don't need it now!

i love the bottle, i love the cap, i love the brush, i love everything about models own polishes! and now, there is a 50% off sale, with the code FACEBOOK50 until the 27th at Midnight GMT, so you better hurry and pick some out if you want to take advantage of the sale :) p.s. the site is HELLA slow sometimes, so i recommend not shopping if you're in a hurry--take a good hour if you're picking out more than 5 or 6 polishes.  me & my friend went in together to get an order and ended up picking out 20!  so needless to say, our frustrations with the site were many haha.

i'll try and post some more swatches of my other colors before then, but i can't promise... my last semester of college just started! i can't hardly believe it. what'll i DO??? maybe grow up? nahh ;)

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