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Thursday, August 19, 2010

cnd girlie pink

cnd girlie pink is a great pink creme. and it's girlie. hence the name. barbie? yes. sweet? yes. adorable??? yes! the cnd color and effects line isn't the most cost effective polish available, but it does do what it offers well. the solid color cremes are very pigmented and very smoothly formulated. this color went on easily, albeit a little streaky on the first coat--but i expected that for a light pastel-ish color. in three, this one was a perfect pristine baby pink piece of heaven.
lamp light
the thing i don't care for regarding the cnd nail polishes is the cap.  the rubber handle is great in theory, ala orly right? but these ones attract fuzz and lint.  no bueno.  also, there seems to be extra space or something up there, because polish somehow pools up into it and when i close it, it freaking leaks out around the neck!  when i got these, the blue one had polish leaked out and dried around the edge already.  the pooling happened in the course of my swatching session with 6 out of the 9 polishes they sent so i knew it wasn't just the one bottle.  hmm, i was not happy about that.  does this happen with anyone else's cnd's?  

i'm in a bit of a funk this week :P i had to get new brakes on my crappy car yesterday!  eww!  but i did win an awesome contest from the lovely miss NailSwatches.  go check out her awesome blog when you get a chance.  it's great and i want her nails!
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