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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3 little zoyas

i went a little zoya crazy when they had their "exchange" program this summer. trade in old yucky polishes that you were going to throw away in return for discounted zoyas?? yes please!! so here are some of the fruits of my spoils :)

delilah is a gorgeous lady, scarlett sparkles in a red jelly creme. j'adore! i did gift this polish to my lovely friend Nicole though, because it was on her wish list and i wanted to show her how much i adore her ((HUGS)) this is three coats and i had no problems with the formula at all. i love how red polish looked on my long talons. so sexy!
lamp light
ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome the most duped polish of 2010, charla! yep, there are many that look a LOT like this polish, but i have to say this one is the only one that i own personally and therefore it is my favorite ;) mermaid blue and green glassy sparkled polish that screams "LOOK AT ME!". love it, but it stains like a mother. this is two coats.
lamp light
bijou is a polish that is a bit uncommon amongst polish lovers, i mean it's not one that i've seen a lot on polish blogs, but i could just not be looking in the right places haha. i personally LA LA LOVE this polish, it's super unique and i cannot keep my eyes off it when i have it on. sheerish jelly, a bright (almost neon) pink with a hint of tangerine orange to it, silvery pink glass fleck shimmery particles, and kind of a blue opalescence to it. really hard to describe, you have to see this chicky in person. this is three thick coats. perfection for summer and one of my favorite zoyas ever!
lamp light
more zoyas to come, that is for sure haha. what colors did you pick up if you took part in the exchange? do you have any of these ones?


disclosure: i bought these products myself.
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