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Monday, September 20, 2010

hard candy

hard candy used to have some of the most innovative and creative nail polish colors on the market! their style was crazy, kooky, and anything but conformist. they have been a sensation since they started back in 1995, when alicia silverstone name dropped them on a late night tv show and their business began to boom. idk what happened between now and then but after a few times of being bought and sold, they have changed their line a bit. their new line includes more cosmetics and less nail polish, although the polish is still around. they are now being sold in wal-mart for about $5 a bottle for.35 fl oz, a tidy sum for a drugstore polish i suppose.  here are a few shades from their new line, that have been in stores since about fall of last year.
pretty in punk is a creme pink that is very pigmented and opaque, this is two coats.  i like this type of pink, a bright but not neon color that shouts "look at me"!  the polishes all ring rather smelly, this one was probably the most fragrant.
mr. wrong was my favorite out of these three, a purpley/denim blue glitter mixed with yellow gold.  super sparkly and super bling!  j'adore :)  looks great with a regular shiny topcoat or a matte one, like china glaze's matte magic.
splendid was a bit of a problem child, but what is one to expect from a yellow?  (i always wonder why people send yellows for review, they are rarely representative of a polish line.)  i do like the color, very buttery and warm.  a bit thick but again, it is a yellow.
i do wish they would take a cue from the past and bring back some of the old unapologetic colors from the old line, however i suppose that is too much to hope for.  have you tried any of the new hard candy polishes?  how about the makeup?  i've tried the eyeliners and gotten pretty good results, and have heard good things about the lip glosses.  have a sunny day, sunshines!


these products were sent to me for an honest review. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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