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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

borghese toscano spice

borghese is a brand i've shown only twice on my blog, i believe. i believe you can buy them at almost any rite aid, cvs store, ulta, and walgreens. (for US readers, not sure about overseas) and i know you can buy online from ulta for sure. it's not a brand many people have heard of and i'm not sure why. i didn't know they existed honestly until i started blogging, and started looking in every nook and cranny in any store i went in for nail polish haha!

they are higher priced for a drugstore polish, at around $8, but as we know, if the color is worth it, we will usually find a way to justify a purchase am i right? the core color line is not exciting, to say it gently. their limited edition seasonal collections are really where it's at. their "fashionista" collection included the fab duochrome stellare notte and almondine that i've shown here before, and their recent "tutti gelati" collection was full of bright and very pigmented spring colors.  i've caught a glimpse of their new holiday glitter polishes and they look way exciting.

i do have to reiterate that i really, really do not care for their brush handles at all; tacky and uncomfortable and just outdated. but the bottle shape itself is not bad, idk it's weird for me on the packaging aspect. the brush head continues to impress me, i especially appreciate that the edges are rounded off without being wonky--which makes manipulating the polish on the brush very easy.

i was recently able to test and review a few of their polishes and would like to share them with you all, naturally :) this shade is called toscano spice, one that i probably never would have chosen for myself, but i'm totes down to try anything once of course. when i had it on, i decided that i liked it well enough. it is a peachy almost orangey pink color that borders on the edge of frosty-ness, but just dodges that bullet and comes out nice and shimmery.

lamp light
the formula on all of the polishes i've tried from borghese have been excellent, which may just convince me that their $8 price is justified in a drugstore setting.  more colors from this brand coming up!


this product/products were sent to me for review purposes. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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