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Thursday, September 23, 2010

a scandalous original

my darlingly scandalous, and sometimes, shocking, friend Ange-Marie made a pretty orange holo polish just for me! she mixes up her own polishes a.k.a "frankens", as i've mentioned before, and is the queen of franken-holographic polishes! we were chatting one day on twitter and i was saying how i wanted an orange holo and she was like OK! i bought a polish from her on a blog sale and she sent this guy to me as an extra special prize, cuz she's just that awesome!

unfortunately... this story has a tragic plot twist. my dear postal service decided to be royal buttheads and somehow the polish bottle ended up breaking in transit!
it was apparent the second i got within a few feet of the package that something had gone terribly wrong.  i smelled that all too familiar smell of polish and i PRAYED that what i had thought happened, hadn't.  turns out it did.  Ange remarked that it looked like they had played kick-ball with the package!  for real, that's a shatter, not just a break!  but miracuously, the polish was still wet enough to quickly paint with, so i set out at record speed to salvage a mani with this fallen soldier.  here is the result.
because of the inability to mix the polish a bit before i painted, and having to take "dips" from different sections of the pool, the color differs from one finger to the next, but OH WELL, it's still awesome!  this is an light orange holo, the likes of which i've never seen before.  very pretty and i mourn the loss.  i've named my late hero orange-a-tan, cos when i was little i thought you pronounced the word "orangutan" like orange-y-tan for some reason (i was special huh).  and orangutans are so damn cute!  case in point:
image credit
a side note, you may notice that i've stopped watermarking my photos.  i realize that my time is better spent than by adding ugly watermarks to every photo.  they look nicer w/o them anyway.  anyone who has manners knows not to steal photos, but i'll say it here just in case.  please do not steal photos, even though it happens and if it does, i'll probably live =)


this product was a gift from a friend. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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