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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a beautiful life lacquers

hey kids! today i have two polishes to show you from a beautiful life, a company that is relatively new and not super well known. they tote themselves as being "all-natural" and hey i'm down with that. their prices are steep and their bottles and colors look a bit, ...familiar? the ones i got to review were pretty alright though.

hot rod it a sweet cherry red semi-jelly with tons of red shimmer. this reminds me of something opi would do during christmas time. this is three coats and the formula was really nice. i like it a lot, way more than i thought i was going to.
lamp light
noir is your standard black, very glossy, very opaque which is nice. i think i only own one black, a wet n' wild. i can always use one more right? and this has the same jelly crème finish that i adore. two coats.  but i got bubbles.  damn.
lamp light
i also got to try out their soy polish remover.  it's in a really cool bottle with a sweet "salad dressing" style opening at the top, to prevent spills.  (who spills?!  not me...*shifts eyes*)  it doesn't have any odor to speak of, although the website mentions a grapefruit scent.  the remover works OK on regular colored crèmes, but when faced with a darker polish or *gasp* a glitter??  nope.  not even close.  granted, glitters are hard to remove, but i love em so ima need a remover to remove em haha.  also, this liquid leaves your hands oily, like kinda moisturized--which may be a good thing for some, but i just didn't groove with it.  any "in-between" wet and dry feeling to me is gross. i don't like cuticle oils and lotions that don't absorb quickly either, eww
here is a pic of me trying out the soy remover on glitter bomb Lippmann Across the Universe.  no bueno.

bottom line? the nail polishes are $12 so...if you're super into the enviro and want natural stuff, maybe you will want to pay that much. i know that i probably would never pay that much for these, but they are nice. the polish remover is another story. it is weird and i give it this face - :/ but whatev, soy and plants and nature and hippie stuff can be cool, i just don't care for something that i have to work really hard at making do its job ya know? plus $20 for the remover is a crap load. i'll stick with straight acetone and glycerin mix (thanks for that tip, lacquerized!)  have any of you tried a beautiful life nail polishes?  what's the verdict?


this product/products were sent to me for review purposes. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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