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Monday, September 6, 2010

lippmann across the universe

there are few lacquers that i am willing to travel to the end of the earth for, but this baby definitely is one of them. in fact, i would travel across the universe ;) i love glitter, i love lippmann polishes, and i love the beatles! so it only makes sense that i would fall in love with this nail polish, across the universe. deborah lippmann describes this color as "blazing blue and metallic green glam in sheerest navy". its base is totally jelly, almost exactly like the discontinued rehab of the same brand. the glitter is multi-shaped and plentiful! the tiniest glitter is bright electric blue and the bigger hex glitter pieces are in shades of blue/teal and green. this polish is totally mermaid-licious! and it does remind me of the dark inky complex universe, like if you were looking at a distant part of the milky way :D

for application, this was real easy to get the hang of in my opinion. the first coat i brushed on like a normal polish, getting my whole nail covered and maybe getting a few glitter pieces on there too. the second coat, which i was determined to make the last coat, i kind of just dabbed on the polish--placing it, more than brushing it on. (wish i could describe it better haha) it ended up perfect and opaque with maximum glitter impact.  i could not stop staring at my nails all day!

you may notice, these pics show my nails shaped in a more rounded, almond shape, which was something i was trying out.  but i have decided (with support from my fellow bloggers) that square is and will always be the only shape that looks good on me.  oh well, serves me right for trying to be trendy ;)  i still love that look on others and wish i could pull it off but oh wells.
lamp light
*sigh* i don't think i own a more perfect glitter! and of course i sang along to the polishes' namesake song the entire time. "nothin's gonna change my world," except maybe more lippmann polishes!

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