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Monday, September 20, 2010

incoco dry nail appliques

even i get tired of painting my nails. not very often, mind you haha, as i DO do it almost every single day, but there are those evenings when i just want to fall into bed and sleep. but i do want to change my polish. what is the solution? well one option is to use quick and easy dry nail appliques, like incoco. there is no polish smell, minimal mess and best of all, no dry time! this would probably be the best option for vacation manicures, or for people who like having a nice color on their nails but don't like actually polishing them.
my first experience with incoco was picking up a discounted package of them at walgreens one evening while perusing the aisles one late night. i think i got them for a bargain price of less than $2, but they're usually $7.99. this is a discontinued color i believe, and i cannot find the name of it anywhere (oops!) but it is stunning. the package did not show it's radiance and shimmer, i thought it was a plain jane red, but it is anything but. i had a bit of application trubs, as you can see, and the ridges on my nails stand out, which i didn't care for. i wore this mani only one day, because i couldn't stand not changing my nail look haha, but i did like the look of how clean it was.
my next incoco experience was even better, i believe they revamped their entire line and added lots more colors, including glitter, neon, french tips, and glitter tips to their inventory. the application and actual feel of the strip was waaay better the second go around as well, i thought. this is a silver glitter polish, called bling, bling. GORGEOUS! i wore this mani for a week straight, no chips, rips, etc. and best of all, it stayed shiny, there were no bumps like most glitter polishes, and i got TONS of compliments! no one could believe they were stickers! i think these are great for long-wear polishes, maybe not for people who change their polish often. but they are what they are and i think they're great for that.
this is rouge copper, a stunning pink glitter. i also got a lot of compliments on this look. i wanted to grow my nails a bit after i cut them the last time, so wore this look for a few days to let my nails settle so i wouldn't be tempted to mess with them haha. sigh, i love how the glitter just sparkles and sparkles in these without going dull! (this is a blackberry photo so sorry for the bad quality! i guess i forgot to get a proper camera pic of this :P)
if you have questions about the application, please visit incoco's website HERE and my friend Asami from Nails by Asami has a great video about them HERE.

the remover that came with the strips in the tub, is excellent.  the tub form has a sponge inside with three holes/slots for you to stick your fingers in where you soak/rub your fingers in and seriously your polish just disappears!  and it only takes a few seconds.  i find myself using this for regular polish removal, not just when i use my incoco strips haha!  the little packets have felt soaked in polish remover.  these work amazing also to get rid of the strips or regular polish, i find them especially helpful for the removal of glitter polish!  have you tried incoco strips?  what do you think of them?  i think the price is a bit high, but like i said before, they are great for long term wear and are genuinely great products for what they do.

also, Incoco has generously offered a 10% discount off your entire purchase on - just enter "BGAKG10" at checkout :)  have a great day!


some of these products were sent to me for review purposes. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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