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Monday, September 6, 2010

essie fall into fashion

hello all! i've already shown you a swatch of essie's new fall color sew psyched, awesome sage green, and now i'm back to show you the rest of the collection! to refresh your memory, you can check out my post on sew psyched :) it's a must have!

top photo: flash, bottom photo: lamp light
in stitches is a "mom" mauve haha, but it's still wearable.  conservative pinky rose.
merino cool is the purpley taupe color that everyone and their dog has been putting out these days, but i like this one a lot. essie formulas tend to do well on me.
limited addiction is sexy! a dark, cool red jelly-creme that turns brighter and lighter in direct light.
little brown dress is very pretty, another jelly-creme, this color reminds me of hot fudge or a deep-colored teddy bear. (sorry for the ruddy cuticles, limited addiction stained them a bit!)
and velvet voyeur is another familiar looking color, a deep eggplant purple jelly-creme. opi, color club, and now essie? looks like everyone had the same ideas this fall!
i'm still getting used to my new camera, so bear with me please 


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