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Thursday, September 2, 2010

nicole hint of mint

nicole by opi's hint of mint really put the moves on me, i'll tell you what. this little lady snuck right in under my nose and just about knocked me over with gorgeous! a mint shade that i do not have??? the horror! haha, and i don't have a lot of nicole polishes because they usually don't wow me all that much and they are a bit expensive, but this one just made me jump for joy. it's a different take on the mint scene, with a more sheer and almost pearl ethereal finish but i love it.  very flattering and NOT limited edition, but i think it is exclusive to walmart.  this is three coats.
lamp light
i tweeted about this earlier but i picked up two new nicole polishes today at Target, Sensational Scarlet and Such a Go-Glitter. they are BLING-tastic and i think exclusive and limited so jump and run if ya want to take a look at em before they're gone!
have a great day luvviesss

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