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Sunday, September 12, 2010

bb couture laguna lagoon

bb couture is the ish. the business. they pretty much own. i la la love bb couture polishes and definitely need to build up my collection!  they are bit pricey, at $9 a bottle, but their formula, color selection, and customer service seriously rocks the house and can't be matched!  they do a lot of colors that other companies wouldn't DARE try.  and their polish is mixed new every few months, instead of all at once then put in a warehouse to settle for years, awesome!  Kim at Overall Beauty is one of the sweetest, most caring ladies around and really knows how to run her company.  i adore this brand and am totally recommending you check out BB Couture if you haven't yet!

this is a polish i've been lemming since i started blogging, finally made mine a while ago when i snagged it on a blog sale. laguna lagoon is probably one of the first mint greens on the scene, before it became a viral trend (and way before chanel jade was around). it is the PERFECT shade of mint too, how can a green lover be without this?! no shimmer, no sparkle, straight crème love. this bottle is .6 oz, which was what they used to be, but now they are down to .5 oz like most other manufacturers. it is uber large! and can't say i blame them for downsizing, i've never finished a bottle of polish yet, so .5 oz is more than enough. the formula was a bit thick but manageable. this is two coats :D i'm in mint green heaven!
lamp light
thanks to Kelly from VampyVarnish for her help with my watermark :)


disclosure: i bought this product myself.
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