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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

lippmann bad romance

i'm gaga for gaga. ever since lady gaga first strut out her in her mcqueen platform shoes, i was hooked. "just dance" was my anthem of 2009 and my love for her has grown exponentially since i first heard her album "The Fame". her music, her controversial style, her fierce attitude, her unapologetic life force all make me bow down and worship the monster that is gaga. i even bought tickets to her concert here in salt lake city for next spring more than a year in advance :D

so when i heard that deborah lippmann had made a nail polish inspired by gaga and named it after her song bad romance, i knew it had to be mine. it is has a black jelly black base and is full of small bits of fuchsia glitter and larger hexagonal sequin fuchsia glitter. this is a pure rock n' roll polish and i can totally see gaga wearing something like this :) deb herself has done gaga's nails more than once so it's awesome she came up with this shade. these are my sister's nails, Clarrisa dear, thanks for modeling! this is two coats; opacity and application were excellent!!  she loved it and could not stop staring at her hands.  i heard she showed off her mani all day long today at work too haha :)

this product was sent to me for review purposes. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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