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Thursday, September 9, 2010

opi suzi skis in the pyrenees

thursday, thursday, one day closer to friday! yay! i hope you are all doing well :) i would like to show you a color i'm totally enamored with by opi. suzi skis in the pyrenees is from the Spain collection and is a very interesting shade of gray. it's blue and smokey and slightly shimmery. i would say a blackened cousin of kelly by zoya, with a different finish. sort of the formula of a jelly crème actually, because it's not the pudding type of creme haha. it's almost black looking but still very faintly glints of that blue smoke color when you have it on. i passed it up when the collection first came out, but then i decided i needed it and picked it up at a beauty supply store a few months ago. and i'm sooo happy i did! it seriously is to die for, i love these pictures of it on my long talons (when i had them :'( tear!)
lamp light
do you have this color? if so, are you as crazy about it as i am?


disclosure: this product was purchased by me.
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