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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

icky french mani

any nail blogger that's been around more than a week knows most of them/us detest french mani's, well in the traditional sense. stark white, garishly long tips with pink beds? the horror! but, i like them. no, honestly, i LOVE them. you may recall seeing a post of mine about the Jerseylicious girls, and how much i cherish their re-donk-ulous acrylic nails. it's totally wrong haha i know, but what can i say?

anyway, a while ago my nails were HELLA long thanks to seche retain base coat/treatment (IT'S AMAZING) and i decided to see what a traditional frenchie would look like on me. honestly, my nails have never been this long before, and probably never will be again haha. it was awesome, but crazy.

i used maybelline's salon expert french tip white for the tips, free-handed then fixed with a brush and acetone.  then i covered the entire nail with china glaze's sheer pinky love letters polish. and of course added a squishy topcoat of seche vite. haha you like? as perez hilton would say, icky icky poo!
do you have any guilty pleasures when it comes to nails and/or nail art? spill!

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