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Friday, September 3, 2010

borghese swatches

here are some more borghese polishes! i won't bore you again with a long commentary, please see my toscano spice post to read what i think about the brand/bottle/brush :)

borghese red is an AWESOME candy apple red color that is SUPER opaque.  this is one coat people!
biscotto beige is an awesome "band aid but better" color and gives me amazing mannequin hands, which was very trendy a while ago.  it's not my favorite look on me, but i like the color a lot.
plumaggio purple is a pretty trendy color too, reminiscent of a few royal purples i've seen before.  this one leans more towards the blue end though (a little less blue than the picture, but we all know how hard purples are to photograph!) i love the shimmer in this guy!
milano taupe looks super duper pretty in the bottle but let me down a bit when i had it on.  sort of a lilac pinky taupe.  it's a bit sheer so i should've done three coats, but oh wells. still great formula, it spreads so easily and feels thin but not watery which is great.
mezzanotte blue is a dark vampy jelly creme, the hybrid of a jelly and a creme in case you didn't catch that ;)  it's noticeably navy in the bottle but on the nail it translates way dark, almost black which i didn't care for--i wanted the same pretty blue as i saw in the bottle! two coats on this, which is good for a jelly:)
and last, san remo bronze.  this is very frosty and i usually HATE polishes like that, but this one the finish actually works for not against itself.  i think it's the warm pink shade and the shimmer that make the brushstrokes look cool almost.  they still are a brat to apply tho ;)  this polish reminds me of the base color of opi's cozu-melted in the sun.  two coats.
see anything you like friends? i can't wait to see the borghese holiday glitters show up in my local rite aid store.  i hear they're fab!


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