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Monday, September 27, 2010

man glaze

man glaze is a little polish company that has a BIG image. they make six products, matte is murder, fuggen ugly, mayonnaise, a matte topcoat named matte-astrophe, a glitter matte topcoat called hot mess (aka fish dicks), and bottles for frankening polishes called "franken juggs". the polish is technically for men, but c'mon like that's gonna stop us hot babes from wearing it?! plus the owner Marc Alexander Paez wouldn't dream of stopping us :) he's a great guy and is a blast to interact with. (check out his site and his twitter.)

mayonnaise is their newest addition, a shimmer filled matte white.  this is super sexy and really easy to wear!  most girls tend to stay away from white polish, but i really like the look on me.  and this polish is seriously gorgeous, the shimmer is understated and it being matte puts a new spin on it.  comparing it to the other white matte polish i have, opi alpine snow matte (seen here), it blows it out of the water.  this polish is not chalky, stark, or hard to control, it's the opposite! 
i also put hot mess, the matte glitter topcoat on top of mayonnaise (middle and pinky), along with a regular shiny topcoat (index and ring) to see what it would look like, and the results were awesome!  the sun kind of obliterates hot mess because it's so sparkly haha, it almost looks like salt and pepper huh.  and the shiny topcoat really brings out the subtle shimmer on mayo, doesn't it?!  (enlarge by clicking on pictures)
fuggen ugly has been around since the company started but this bottle is a reformulation, more matte and more shimmer.  grey and gorgeous, and probably the best named polish ever!  i think this has to be my favorite matte nail polish in existence, even more than the opi suedes, which i love.

when i put a shiny topcoat on, i was like, uhh, is this a flippen holo??! it almost seems like it because of how much shimmer is packed into fuggen ugly!  the flat concrete-like gray turns into a sparkly dream with a topcoat applied (index and ring)!  and hot mess on top (middle and pinky) made it even more bling bling, wow i could hardly stand how hawt my nails were!  i could've used their flat matte topcoat, matte-astrophe to make them even more matte, but i was enjoying the gorgeous sparkle too much to do so :)
and here is a photo of the entire bottle of hot mess, manglaze's bottles are epic-ly illustrated.  trust, these polishes are legit.

these products were sent to me for an honest review. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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