Friday, September 24, 2010

eyeko pinks

eyeko has been a brand that is quickly rising in popularity with me. the last few polishes i've tried of theirs have been stellar! these next two are pinks, adorable no? =) every girl needs a little pink. and eyeko thinks so too, because first up is chi chi polish for girlie nails. a sweet vintage pink glitter in a milky pale pink creme base. i love that they used a colored base on this one, instead of a clear one. i kinda hate clear based glitter most of the time, because i'm not much for layering :/ this is very pretty and didn't take much for opacity, only two generous coats! it was a bit gritty so a topcoat is a must. this would also be great as a layering polish, but again, i'm not big on that soooo...
i had high hopes for punk polish for neon nails, as i had heard glowing reviews about it, but i couldn't really get it to work for me at first. i literally redid my swatch five times before i decided i had to thin it a little, it was just too thick--i kept getting massive air bubbles and had horrible application problems. a few drops of lacquer thinner and viola, almost perfect! went on like a dream, very pigmented and neon. this is three coats of the thinned version, and as you can see, i still had a little bubbling :P
in this flash pictures, it takes on almost a purpley tone, but it's definitely pink, that's just the neon messing with the flash.
so i'd say as a fan, i would pick chi chi as a winner and punk as a nice-to-have kind of polish but not a must-own for me. what do you think?


these products were sent to me for an honest review. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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