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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

bb couture man bug

tra-la-tra-lee come with me, my little friends, down along the grove, to where the garden ends, and the flowers grow, all high and bright, where the sun beams down, bathing us all in light. tra-la-tra-lo, oh happy day, what pretty creatures, all the birds and bugs, have come to play! now let's all join in, a colorful troupe, to laugh and smile, sing and whoop

yeah...idk what that was :) but this polish makes me feel so gosh darn SUNNY! i just had to write some jolly gosh darn happy poetry for ya! man bug by bb couture (my love!) is a fabulous minty turquoise jelly with golden and green glitter from the "ladybug collection" from spring 2010.  i've never seen anything quite like it and i'm glad, i love having unique polishes! in fact, you can say that about a ton of bb's polishes, they are one of a kind--which is what a polish addict likes to see!! this is three coats. the color is a bit more green in flash and a bit more blue in the lamp light photos. in the sun it's in between the two.
do you have any nail polishes that make you just feel giddy and goofy? i mean, enough to write dorky poetry about them? o_O haha love y'all and don't forget to enter my giveaway! the deadline is october 1st!!


i purchased this product myself. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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