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Friday, September 3, 2010

cnd night factory

hiii kiddos :) how are you today? i've been migraine-y for a few days now and it's no bueno! but other than that i'm alright, my sister and nephew are coming to visit me from nevada tomorrow for labor day and we plan on getting into all sorts of shenanigans. do you have any special plans for the holiday US'ers? what are you doing with your weekend, international readers? whatever you get up to, make sure to act like a BOSS ;)

i have to show you today two awesome polishes from CND, that make me feel like a BOSS (hehe). the duo together are called "Night Factory" and separately they're known as crème colour urban oasis and effects teal sparkle. the creme dried SOOO fast it was crazy! i thought i was going to have to put a topcoat on then maybe put the sparkle on so i wouldn't get any color on my brush but nope, it was dry lightening quick so there was almost no wait time before i was able to put the sparkle on! i like this color of "teal" because it's not really blue but it's not really green, just a great mix. and with the giant flakes of sparkle on top? ooohh-weeeee HAWT!
p.s. i used china glaze's fast forward top coat on the finished mani.  i got it when i ordered my "awakening" set from Victoria Nail Supply online and it STINKS!  literally haha, like sweet chemically garbage and candy barf.  sick huh?  but honestly, it's awesome other than that.  it's thinner than most quick dry top coats i'm used to so it's easier to apply.  i didn't have any trouble with dry time, no dents, dings, or sheet marks so i'm a happy girl!  have you ever used it?  what did you think of it?


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