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Thursday, September 16, 2010

nailene couture

this review is looong overdue, i apologize :) i got some products from nailene a few months ago and decided to give them a go. these artificial full-cover nails are part of their couture line, which features designs that are "straight off the runway". i don't usually wear falsies because i don't like to think of putting glue on my poor natural nails haha, but i was excited to try these because they're super pretty. nailene also boasts a "no chip" technology and a natural look that makes theirs some of the best artificial nails available. i've only tried a few other brands ever, but these are definitely the best i've used. they are super light, they fit better than i expected, and they come in a variety of sizes--even in the small boxes like these. they have full nail sets available too, with even more sizes and fits to accommodate almost every shape and type of nail there is.
i love this design too, you know i'm not big on nail art, so this simple but fancy look was perfect for me. i realized after i had them glued that the stripes could be all facing the same direction, but oh well haha, they turned out in a wave for me :) the glue is pink tinted, which is nice, makes it less noticeable under the bed of the false nail.  i put a layer of seche retain on before i glued them on, even though they suggest for maximum adhesion and longevity to glue them on clean, freshly buffed nails.  i just can't get around putting glue on my natural nails haha, they're my babies!

these were easy to apply, but can be tricky to take off.  i soaked them in acetone for about 10 minutes, as suggested, but the nails were not dissolved as the package denotes.  even though technically i shouldn't have scraped at my nails, i used a wood orange stick to get the "goo" off that they became after the soaking and then finished with a good scrub with acetone on a felt square.  i think if i hadn't have used a base underneath, removal could've been even more difficult.  so, in conclusion, if you want a fast, fashionable mani but fail at art or application, these are a great option.  but be sure to give yourself plenty of time and care with removal.
what do you think of these? i think the reason falsies look so great on is because they can sort of hide your cuticles, and we all know those bad boys can make or break a hot nail look.


this product was sent to me for review purposes. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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