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Monday, September 27, 2010

rehab franken

i have been wanting deborah lippmann's polish rehab forever. and i mean, for-ev-er! not too long ago, in my local nordstrom, where i have gotten good and bad customer service, but mostly tiresome problems, i was just shopping with my sister and happened to see a bottle out on display labeled as a tester. i basically started going into hysterics. unfortunately, the wiley minxes at nordie's had put out a tester with no product to buy, since rehab is long since discontinued. no matter how much i begged and pleaded with the sales girl, the supervisor, and later the manager (yeah i know, i'm an addict) to let me buy it, they wouldn't. "store policy". whatever. it's not MY fault you have something displayed that i can't buy! you're a STORE. that's your ONE JOB. to sell me things! man was i mad. when i was talking to the manager later, he assured me he could find me a bottle (yeah right) and would call me back in a few days. well sure he called me back, in the middle of a work day when i couldn't answer the phone. so i slip away to call him back about 10 minutes later, and end up having to leave him a message. did i ever get a call back?? nope. so that does it, burned your bridge there local nordies, i'll either shop online or in another town! boo!

anyway, all this ranting is leading somewhere, i promise. i decided, if you can't beat em, join em. i set out to make a franken of the polish to satiate me until i can track down a bottle of my own. i made this using a recipe suggestion from Lacquer Laine here. you can see how close it compares to the original here and here. it's about 4 parts wet n' wild clear polish, 1 part wet n' wild nocturnal (navy), and 1 part a beautiful life noir (black). i layered it on pretty opaque here, but it looked good more sheer also.
i'm alright with this girl, let's call her amy (get it? rehab? haha) but i still am lemming for the original. *sigh* what are some of your all time biggest lemmings??


i purchased these products myself. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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