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Friday, September 17, 2010

opi and icing comparisons

hidey ho folks! i have been in a bit of a funky mood today unfortunately, and i don't mean funky as in funkadelic and listening to Earth, Wind, & Fire and Wild Cherry. i've just been a bit down in the dumps :P but i'm alright and we all have those days i 'spose. i went to see the movie "Devil" tonight w/ some friends hoping a good scary flick would cheer me up. .... .... did it? .... no. it sucked. m. night shamalamamama ding dong sucks again. bummer. it was the first trailer i've seen in a long time that has genuinely scared the crap outta me, but no, i do not recommend it.

here is a lovely comparison between two opi's from their hong kong collection that came out early this year and some cheapy icing colors. i like icing polishes as they are usually ok in quality and you can get them on the continual "buy one get one half off" cosmetics sale that icing stores have all the time (no joke, it's always going on). i also enjoy the brush (when it's not a wonky one) as it is thick and wide like opi's, only a bit poorer in quality.

gorgeous in gold is the dupe i found for opi's bling dynasty. well, it's not exactly a dupe. it appears so in the bottle shot but it turns out that GinG is slightly more bronze and less shimmery than BD. the formulas are different too, BD is more of a foil and GinG is more a metallic kind of formula. both are shown with two coats.
the dupe for jade is the new black, a big hit with the polish community and myself personally, is jaded. this is basically a perfect dupe. i wouldn't be able to tell the difference myself if i hadn't have written down which fingers i swatched them on! of course, the opi formula is better though. it is more free flowing and creamy. jaded is very opaque but i got a tiny bit of drag when applying it. two coats for each :)
so if you wanted these colors but maybe missed them in your local stores or don't want to pay opi prices, you might be able to find them in icing for less. and just to throw in another icing to round out this post, chartruesly yours is similar to, but not a dupe for, opi's who the shrek are you? polish that is part of the shrek collection from this summer. i don't have that one to compare unfortunately.  the formula was THICK on this guy, but i really enjoy the color.  it's very uhhh...unique in my collection :)
lamp light
i know i've seen an icing collection that looks SUPER close to the Alice in Wonderland collection opi did earlier this year. hmmm :) anyway, not saying anything definitive OF COURSE (haha) but in the interest of avoiding buying dupes or seeking them out, it seems that icing puts out a lot of colors that are similar to opi shades. have a great friday night luvies!


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