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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

mac f/w nail trend 2010

mac is hawt. that's all there is to it. whether it's the "exclusivity" about the brand, the cult status, the sleek and sexy black packaging, or the fact that it's just plain good shit, people really freaking love mac. now, do people love mac nail polish?? in the past, it's been a pretty resounding "no!". or at least a small "no thanks". but, they have come a long way in terms of formula and their new stuff far outweighs their older polishes. at least, i've HEARD, as i haven't been a polish addict long enough to have any old macs.

the fall/winter polish trend, created with jin soon choi, is STUNNING. i mean, wow. glass fleck/glitter/micro-speckle? idk really. can't pinpoint them! but it's ok, sometimes no explanation is better :)
imperial flower is a heavenly orange, the color i imagine the oranges in the fruit orchard in my own personal nirvana to be!  flecks of gold and reddish orange glow from within this hot mama.  and here and there you can even detect slight bits of other colors, oh my stars!  it is slightly jelly, like the rest of the polishes.  this one was only two coats, great formula :)
ming blue was one i was ready to skip from looking at the press release, but i'm SOOO glad i gave it a spin.  gahh, when will i learn that blues just WORK on me??  today i suppose, because this beauty really just is fiiiiine!  inspired by the "ming vase" blue color, this reminds me of Bleu de France too, with light blue shimmer flecks.  in two coats this was perfection!  *sigh* can this collection get better??
OMG it can!  jade dragon is the first one my eye fell to when i first caught sight of these polishes.  i seriously think i drooled.  GORGEOUS deep forest green with blue-green shimmer/glitter that just makes you want to stop and stare, WOW.  two coats and opaque as all!  unfortunately, this one stains bad.  like stains in the time it took to paint four nails and take pictures, that bad.  oh well, WHO CARES this ish is gorj!
earthly harmony was exciting for me, which may sound a bit weird, because it's a neutral, but i really adore colors like this.  murky concrete putty colored with golden shimmer.  however, this just looked kinda weird on me.  i still love the color, it just doesn't translate with my skin tone very well.  three coats and a bit streaky.
concubine was probably the least unique looking to me out of the collection, a jelly bright blood red with pink/red shimmer flecks.  i also REALLY REALLY hate the name.  it's like naming a polish "whore".  sorry, no likey.  but yes, it is a very pretty polish but i would never buy it.  this is three coats.
and last, we have rain of flowers, a deep blackened violet polish with lighter purple and blue shimmer raining through it.  i really like the idea of this one, but it just doesn't pull itself off, unless you're in direct sunlight.  mostly it looks like a dark purple or black polish with a hint of gleam.  which is fine, but for something so spectacular in theory, it think something could've been tweaked to make it a bit better.  this is two coats.
so all in all, i really like half of the polishes and half are nice.  did you get any of these?  i just picked up jade dragon, but i wish i would've bought ming blue as well :)


most of these products were lent to me by a friend. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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